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Yadav Residence by PSDS | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

This home's interior plays with Raw materials such as natural wood, metal, exposed RCC, stone wall, etc giving an aesthetic look. While, the Vibrant colours in the furniture balance the raw design of the house, leaving the interior more relaxed in a way.

The use of raw wood on the dining table, dark veneer in TV paneling, and contrasting sofa with wall colour result in a cozy and welcoming living room. The ceiling is kept simple yet elegant with various types of lighting added for one to enjoy bright open spaces, they also set an ambiance for the home.

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Wooden flooring in the master bedroom complements the blend of colours and materials throughout the room. Patterns in bedrooms were designed in harmony giving a visually satisfying and comforting experience to the client. The tones of colours used in the sofa, chairs, curtains, and bed back accentuate the beauty of the home. Adornments were selected to add on beautiful details to the rooms. Overall, this home is a profusion of raw look with vibrant colours that offer a classy, bright and eclectic vibe.


Ø Project name: The Yadav's Residence

Ø Project type: 4-bhk residence interior

Ø Client name: Mr. Abhishek Yadav

Ø Residence Area: 3450 sq.ft

Ø Location: Ahmedabad

Ø Design Firm: Palak Shah Design Studio

Ø Firm's insta: @psds_architects

Ø Principal Architect : Ar.Palak Shah

Ø Photography: @photopoetriesbymad

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