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Vrundavan Villa By Space karma Designs

A 4 BHK Bungalow

Every design begins with inspiration.

For our next villa project, we wanted to create something memorable and timeless. Something that both the older couple and their children, the younger couple would relate with for a long time. For this, we chose to go back in time to the Victorian era.

A very English time of Dickens and Austen, of decadence and exotic influences. A time of entertaining in “parlors” with heavy curtains and sofas dressed up in chintz.

Introducing The Victorian Influence.

To create this look, we stuck to dark, rich, contrasting colors and bold intricate prints inspired by the historic colonies of the Victorian era.

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Another element that set the tone for The Victorian Influence, was heavy, plump, and overstuffed furniture in deep colors and deeper fabrics like velvet and leather.

Ornamentally detailed furniture, rich tapestry, and paneled walls covered in Victorian wallpaper or hand-painted art ensured every inch of the villa, right from the master bedrooms to the living rooms felt like a pure luxury for the client.

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