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Urban Oasis, by Canvasinc Design

This 3BHK apartment converted into a 2BHK apartment is an Urban Oasis in the heart of the city ishome to a young and lovely pet parent couple.

The simple and minimalistic design with lots of indoor green plants helps bring nature into the house.The planning and designing of the house has been done in such a way that it helps blur theboundaries between the exteriors and interiors enabling the flow of natural light and air in the entire space and merging the immediate external greenery with the internal greenery of the house.

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As soon as you enter the house you're greeted with an open kitchen separated from the entrance using an MS partition with a fluted glass mounted on an Entrance console/ Shoe rack. Further down you come into a rectangular Living & Dining space.

A wooden sliding folding shutters with fluted glass in between in the kitchen helps visually connect the Living Dining space and further blurs the boundaries of exteriors and interiors.

The opening with a white marble ledge serves as a breakfast and bar counter.

Location: Bandra West

Size : 3BHK, 1200 Sq.Ft

Duration: 3 Months

Design Credits : @canvasinc_design

Principal Designer : Chawda Bijal

Photo Credits :

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