Urban Grove, by Studio MAT Architects

Overlooking the majestic eastern water front, you can see the link flamingoes at a distant salt pan in all their glory. A large part of the process of designing the apartment was about redefining the relation of the interior spaces with the outdoors. To create spaces and environments that appreciate the outdoors. The planning of Urban grove is free flowing and open in nature, such that the spaces flow living to dining to the kitchen without any walls or partitions giving it a seamless feel.

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We were inspired by the enthusiasm and love that our client had for her gorgeous plants that she had cared for for almost 4 years. That's when we decided them to be a center stage for the apartment and our design would just imbibe those values and highlight them furthermore. One of the ideologies was common while designing was to keep the feel as serene and simple as possible.

The shell can be described as minimal with a rustic feel. The rustic leather finish travertine wall gives the whole space a character that imbibes our clients love for nature and outdoors

The huge balconies welcome in the view of eastern waterfront and lush green mangroves making the inside outside connect so very seamless. This becomes a space to ponder and look out. This travertine contrasts with the teak. The materiality of these two elements is the highlight of the house. We can see the material consistency of this combination flowing even in the bedroom.

The furniture and decor in the space has its own character and attitude. The bold prints of the chair, rugs, bench, cushions accentuate the shell even more. In contrast to that, the sofas are kept muted and understated.The bold prints of these furniture pieces have been curated to add an element of quirk and unexpected in the house. It comes off as a pleasant contrast to the very understated and rustic shell.

As you enter the house you feel like you are entering an urban jungle, you are greeted by the the Draco-Dracaena Draco that has its own presence in the living room. The pony tail palm - Beauharnais recurvata gives the space and exotic feel, the devil's ivy- Epipremnum aureum casually drops off the top ledge beautifully complimenting the travertine on the back. These plants backed by rugged travertine; stone sculpture give the space a very enchanted feel. Zanzi, Aglomana, Broken heart, Pepero mania, Money tree, Moss stick- money plant, Figs are just a few more members of the plant family that have hound their place in the house.

The decor in the house is eclectic. Each item has been curated over time by the client from her travels, heirlooms, experiences and memories, all have found place in the house giving it a very unique feel. The wall paintings are very inspirational pieces of art by Shrinivas and Ravi. These two pieces not only add the color element to the house but also is a constant inspiration to people looking at them. The sketch artwork is a gift especially for the house by artist Sandeep Nalawade. This artwork accentuates the bare and rustic feel of the travertine wall setting a background for the stone sculpture.

The decor strategy was a combination of old and new. The old stone chakki, brass vessels and utensils that had been worked on by the ladies of the house were passed down to the client have found a place in the decor of the house. These pieces are special and each have a story behind them. They become a store house of memories and an object of pride for the client. The box of memories, le serene, the wild and the tamed, enchanted abode, elegance of the rustic are some of the characteristics of this urban grove. It's a piece of oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city.