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The Wall Code by Annkur Khosla

The project is inspired from the ideology that a “wall” has the ability to do more than just being a space definer.

In this case, the father of the couple has lost his eyesight and uses surfaces to identify his location or uses the wall as language to guide him walking through the living space to the entry door of the apartment.

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The wall also ensconces lights in its folds which are fabricated to the exact diameter it can hold. It additionally provides a feature of a planter box in metal, a drop down counter and storage.

“The wall” architecturally is an integral element of a space and maximizing its potential is an endeavor in this project. The walls of the house are designed in a way that it incorporates all the elements like storage, artwork, etc. Wall code pattern allows space for light fittings and concealed shutters of wardrobe.

The home comprises of two apartments that were joined together to form one space. There is an entry from the foyer and on the right is a brick sculpture behind which is an artwork.

On the left is the living room. Further ahead from here is the den and the parent’s bedroom. The master suite and the children’s room is on the right of the living space. The central space is the living area and the dining space with the kitchen area.

In the entryway, they have a console by Studio Haus and the brick sculpture by Srimoyee Mitra Art Gallery. The mandir is on the right.

In the living room, they have a curved sofa, a centre table by Secolo, another inlaid table by Idli Design, Jaipur, sofas from Pinakin Design Studio have been refurbished. The carpets are from the Pure Concept Home and so are the cushions on the sofa. There is a bench made of metal from Formus, Delhi. The colourful chairs, the ones with red shading are from Morosso, Italy.

The chandelier and light fitting above it is from Flos. Some of the accessories are from Sources Unlimited in the living room.

The den has a sofa from Ligne Roset. The carpet is from Hatsu.

The master bedroom, the entire dressing on the bed, the bed linen is from Yamini, styled by Samir Wadekar. The bed lamp is from Rooshad. The bed also has a purple ball cushion, and the couch is from Ligne Roset and the carpet is from Bareeki.

The bathroom fittings are all Kohler and the marbles are quite exotic. They are from Classic Marble. There is a teal tiled toilet from Marca Corona. The black powder bathroom is from Turquoise with the terrazzo from Classic Marble. Patagonia stone from classic marble is used for master toilet.

The bed linen is from Jaipur, styled by Samir Wadekar.

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