THE TINTED ABODE, by Vivid Design

Led by the nuances of colour, The Tinted Abode by Vivid Design is a charming Mumbai home that offers its inhabitant family a plethora of experiences nuanced through the elements of diverse colours and united materiality.

Situated on the 25th floor of the upscale gated community of One Hiranandani Park, The Tinted Abode is a family residence in Thane which celebrates the bold omnipresence of colour and pragmatic design. The dwelling’s ethos is overruled by a spectrum of hues, creating diverse experiences for its inhabitants, which unveils from one room to another.

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The brief detailed by the clients emphasised the coming together of functionality and desiring a home that was unafraid in its expression. The family of three envisioned a residence dotted with various colours, artwork, multifunctional pieces of furniture, and subtle gold accents to build on stated allure within spaces. Each room within the blueprint was conceptualised with a distinct persona, an approach that was explored via the inclusion of unique colours. Resultantly, each room has been bestowed with an exclusive visual and spatial experience, forming a contrasting yet cohesively bound design narrative.

Tones of blue make an unmissable cameo from the get-go, making their presence felt as one enters and explores the layout. The blue-hued entrance door unfolds into a narrow passage that has been treated with linear geometric cut-outs in sky blue, initiating a sense of visual dynamism as one walks the almost cave-like course that leads into the spacious living area. A gilded chandelier crowns the space, hinting at a touch of opulence that is carried over into the public sections of the home.

The nucleus of the house, the living area, is defined by a continuous medley of blues. The royal blue tufted sofa is collaged with a pair of monochrome pin-striped wingback armchairs, and an artisanal clustered coffee table by The Metal Story rested upon the

neutral textured rug source from Woven Dreams. The television console has been imagined against a fluted and curved, white-bathed accent wall that borders a book-matched panda marble section; the floating console mounted upon the wall is completed with sleek gold legs.

A tall console bordering the living area creates a transition area, allowing the end-users to use the space as a part of the entertaining and dining zones. The structural ducts within the layout were ingeniously designed to be incorporated into the spatial scheme of the home. An alcove within the living area has been fashioned as a reading corner; a geometrically sectioned bookshelf lines the space, presenting a stimulating visual peppered with reads and handpicked bric-a-brac. On the other end, the duct niche has been designed to pose as a prayer space, minimalistically rendered with curved fluted panelling, marble-finish laminate, and gold-hued lettering spelling out holy Shlokas.

The adjacent dining area within the open floor plan is defined by the common denominator of blue. The onyx-top dining table sits in the company of Prussian blue upholstered dining chairs; a trio of tinted mirrors and wall sconces make a debut in the background, doubling the petite space visually. The bar nook by the dining area is enveloped in a tropical-themed wallpaper, harbouring an array of glass and brass shelves and a quirky neon sign! The nook functions as an organic extension to the dining space, catering to the communal areas efficiently, especially while hosting.

Immersed in a concoction of a colour-driven narrative, the kitchen at The Tinted Abode sports a decadent deep mint green hue, veined marble dadoing, tinted glass shutters, and rich herringbone wooden flooring. Separated visually via the means of a glass and metal sliding door, the kitchen was conceived after a range of structural changes to the layout, designing an optimised blueprint anchoring all desired functions and an inconspicuous

utility space. The breakfast counter at the edge of the kitchen moulds an interactive threshold, allowing the homeowners to always remain connected to the larger communal zones while opening the kitchen and melding it with the layout.

Inspired by timeless bohemian sensibilities, the guest bedroom is a hybrid of functions, creating an oasis thatis doused in neutrality layered with warm tones. The neo-rustic space is complemented by tan as a colour in small doses, offering a functional bedroom to accommodate guests, an adept remote workspace, and a room to unwind within. The resting area is framed by tall built-in cabinets on either side and a sofa cum bed, coupled with earthy accents in the form of artefacts, furniture, and curated décor. A minimalist study nook by the light-filled window presents a quiet corner embellished with boho accents, carrying forth the overarching palette of materiality and hues.

The brother’s bedroom dabbles in sheer industrial aesthetic, employing deep hues, raw finishes, and comfort in its design scheme. The space is composed of exposed brick tile, a circuit of concealed wires within black casings, and poured concrete that visually unites the bedroom. Decals steeped in the theme of the bedroom make a compelling statement within the space, lending it character. The floor bed placed at an elevated level creates a moody ambience, perfect for the cinema buff end-user to relish! One of the primary

requirements expressed by the end-user focused on creating an inviting and cosy space within which he could unwind and enjoy watching films with loved ones in an atmosphere like that of a home theatre. Elements such as the statement bulkhead lights, exposed wiring, and metal-profile furniture conjure a dark and immersive environment that best reflects the end-user’s vision for his space; the space has a mancave-like aesthetic yet explores a mature and unembellished palette with ease.

Headlined by shades of teal, white, and slivers of gold, the master bedroom exemplifies stated luxury and an ingrained feeling of serenity. The upholstered taupe bed is set against a moulded teal accent wall, upon which a large and intricate silhouette mural has been installed to string together a focal vignette. The bespoke artwork depicts a feminine form, created by free-flowing illustrative strokes with accents of gold, manifesting an appealing feature against which the resting area is composed. The fine moulding details lend the space a classic Victorian identity, creating an emphasis on fine detailing. A concealed door within the wall has been crafted to become a homogeneous part of the long wall, leading one into the master bath. A large mirror occupies a spot opposite the bed, creating a voluminous perception of space and inherently making the bedroom brighter in its appearance. A sliding door wardrobe saves on space here while simultaneously tying in with the DNA of the ensuite master.

With The Tinted Abode, the intuitive design assumes a newfound meaning. The space’s design journey has been a stimulating and rewarding endeavour for the studio, resulting in a home that almost represents the process of envisioning a render come to tangible life! The family finds themselves within a home that they feel wholeheartedly reflects their aspirations and every need. In essence, the residence sheds a spotlight on colour, unleashing its potential with a bold expression that is laced with luxury.