The Raniwala Residence | Jaipur | Design Atelier

The Raniwala Residence features precise patterns that accentuate its contemporary elevations.

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Each floor has been designed to not only fulfil the client’s requirements but to maintain a sense of luxury and finesse. From the golden hues of the basement to the minute the intricacies reflected in the jaali patterns of its bedrooms, the residence reflects a subtle sophistication. The exterior of the bungalow comprises of Contemporary elevation with jaali and louvers as its key elements.

The overall concept for the Interiors of the bungalow is a perfect balance of Contemporary and traditional style.

The Basement space serves as the Party Area. It has a dark color theme, black in specific. The space features niches as a back drop to the pool that give the wall a sense of depth.A tale of blending elegance with precise craftsmanship, this party space at the residence is a treat to the eyes. A stunning roof work keeps the dark aura alive in the party space. A luxurious pool is the heart and soul of this space. Made with the purpose of partying, the extraordinary wall mesh adds ecstasy beyond imagination. A Gym and a Poker room complete the basement floor.

The Ground Floor has the center skylight that lights up all floors of the bungalow, with which positive and soothing energy flows in the house. The ground floor has 2 bedrooms for Grandparents and parents. The floor also comprises of the Kitchen, Dining area, Living Area and the Drawing Room. A big garden at the east end of the house brings in morning light into the cozy living room. Here we crafted a series of magnificent bedrooms for the residents. Crafted with extraordinary details, the bedrooms feature a soothing color scheme to accentuate the elegance. Lounge areas on each floor provide a private space for the residents to retreat after a busy day of work.

Area : 1668.5 Sq.m

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