The ‘Rammed’ residence, by Aayam Architects

The ‘Rammed’ residence, by Aayam Architects

An abode, setting trends and impacting the methodology of its architectural and interior practice, is this humongous home residing in the most developing sector of Bhuj, India. An extensive and applaud able execution of 23ft of monolithic single casted rammed earth wall and brick Masonry wall articulated at same height is an unique architectural methodology designed by Mr.Hiten Kakadiya , Principal Architect of Aayam Architects and executed in collaboration with Hunnarshala Foundation , a vision was given a life , form and a record.

The personality of the home is reflected through the characteristics of the humans residing within, and this abode is a classic example of a well read and a religious joint family whose shared aims have mirrored on shaping the energy of the home.

Being a ‘first home’ project for Aayam Architects, scaling their practice from institutions to a home was a challenge generated within itself and in addition was the site and context. Confronted with a linear plot with the broader side facing the road, design encounters evolved at every corner of the decision. Another milestone was achieved of completing a 5000 sq.ft project, settling on 8100 sq.ft within the span of 18 months during the pandemic period.

An ‘Amalgam Abode’ , where in traditional materials merge with the modern spaces , design blends with the geography and the vision narrates a story with the result of a contemporary home speaking in volumes of the admirable practice of architecture .

Architectural Firm : Aayam Architects

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Photographer : Depictions by @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions