The Moon House By Ikigai Studio | Pune, Maharashtra

Design brief:

This project is a coalition of textures, colours, and elements. The design brief given by the clients was a house that is youthful and energetic. A modern, chic and high-spirited space.

We have used finishing materials like PU, veneers, and a lot of fabrics to pop out a lively experience in this apartment.

Using different techniques like CNC cut designs on walls, bold lights, and some stark contrast elements we have tried to justify the brief given by the client. Every room follows a monochrome color palette combined with some contrast small elements. We had a lot of fun designing the daughter’s bedroom for their 5-year-old who inspired us to create a chic yet joyful space for her.

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The vibrant space gives this young couple and their little one their dream home as they state! The brief of the project was simple, eclectic, vibrant, luxurious, playful, youthful.

We introduced simple color tones in every room and gave it a bit of a retro twist!

We have used beautiful lighting schemes to enhance and illuminate every space.

We completed this project on a stringent budget, yet the aesthetics are luxurious. Not a single corner in this house was left untouched. We have tried to create a young and lively space for our beautiful clients who are very happy with what we have put up in the end.

Location: Marvel Zephyr, Kharadi, Pune

Area: 2000 sqft

Firm: Ikigai studio

Designer & principal architect; Anuja Marudgan Khare


Photographer: Prasad Undale