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The Monochrome Alchemy in Ahmedabad by SPACE KARMA Design Studio

It is the simple details that can be the hardest.

So it was with some satisfaction and joy that we successfully created and handed over this next project to the client in all its monochrome and symmetric glory.

Spread across 1200 sq ft, this 3BHK residential project was infused with the personality of our client.

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Sometimes we get lucky and come across a client who has complete clarity on what they want and what they don’t. In this case, the clients wanted to keep it simple and elegant and they did not want to use too many or any colours. So we dabbled in monochromes, and chose different shades of grey to create layers in design.

We decided to use structured linearity to create intrigue with elements like the symmetric grooves on the bedroom walls. We stuck to clean lines and crisp details and created a premium yet not over-the-top, inward-looking silent design, that we love to call #MonochromeAlchemy.

The client wanted special corners, so we created a home where the family can gleefully gallivant, from one room to another, with a favourite nook in every room for the family to relax and unwind. We also added a tiny, but not too much, splash of colour to stand out in an otherwise monochrome palette.

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