The Grand Finale Home, By The Riverside

Swati Seraan of By The Riverside sensitively reimagines the idyllic image of a home for a nuclear family in Bangalore, creating an endearing design narrative that marries rusticity with a modern persona.

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The story of a family is an ever-evolving tapestry of emotions, nostalgia, newly created memories, and fleeting moments caught amidst the thresholds of time. The Grand Finale Home is a testament to this sentiment, an abode that captures the narrative of a family that stands at the brink of unfolding and living a renewed chapter of life in different realms.

Located in a plush gated community in Whitefield – Bangalore, this dwelling is inhabited by Priyanka and Kishore, accompanied by their daughter and son aged 18 and 14 respectively. With their daughter already abroad for higher studies and their younger offspring slated to follow a similar path, the couple envisions being the core dwellers of this space. Hence, the impetus behind conceptualising this residence stemmed from the desire to create a ‘final home’ that could become an oasis for them and their family to return to.

“This home is ever so special because it holds within its embrace an overarching sentimentality that was sacred to the design process. As soon-to-be empty nesters, this home personifies the clients wiping the slate clean to make way for new beginnings! We’d like to think of it as a home that allowed Priya and Kishore to make the bare canvas their own, a warm space for the kids to visit over the holidays and for them to relish across the year,” shares Swati.

The brief shared by the clients focussed on the creation of a spatial experience that was modern, minimal, and layered; the catch though was that they left the creative interpretation of the same wholly to the design consortium. What remained steadfastly constant was their emphasis on the fact that this was going to be their final home. It was thus imperative for each element to seamlessly complement the design milieu, curated with perfection, resulting in a space perfect to a T. “This project was a departure from our characteristic portfolio of large rustic homes, and we welcomed it! The design mood boards and details were well received by the clients from the get-go, and it was rather exhilarating to shape their vision to life one space at a time with complete creative freedom,” adds Seraan.

The space was conceptualised while remaining cognizant of the overruling budget at all times. The focus of the design details pivoted on the inclusion of elements that were not only aesthetic but also pragmatically viable in their function. The integrity of the designed space draws its inspiration from exploring simple yet significant additions that manifested in the form of colour, lighting, handpicked art, and pronounced materiality.

Bathed in a symphony of blues, the light-flushed living area poses as the nucleus of the abode as the clients are avid hosts and love to indulge in downtime as a family. The large rectilinear volume of the living area is bifurcated sans any physical partitions into two core zones: the formal entertainment space and the television lounge to cater to both the requirements with ease.

A quaint monochrome foyer leads one into the living area; dotted by a cluster of circular brass-rimmed mirrors, and a black-polished console with ornate metallic legs. The matte brass and glass atomic branched chandelier looms over the space suavely, creating a statement against the pale blue-grey walls.

The Grand Finale Home can be thought of as a monumental landmark in the lifetime of the family — their last home from which they envision mapping out the rest of their days surrounded by joy and memories waiting to be made! Every object in the home seems to serendipitously belong here, as though it was made for this abode, creating a sensorial experience.

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Designer: @swatiseraan

Images: @nayansoni21

Text: @lavanyachopra .