The Etched Apartment by Samhitha design studio | Surat

The etched apartment, a 2bhk apartment of MR. & MRS. GAJJAR. in the fastest growing city -Surat, is one of the ‘amalgamated’ projects by Samhitha Design Studio. Wherein the design reflects simplicity, oozes a calm breath of fresh air and radiates order in its functionality.

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The client, being a doctor, specifically desired a minimal ,appealing design yet adding a uniqueness to the ‘HOME’ , directing to the distinctive and comprehensive personalities of the residents. Woven on the axis of vastu science, the abode was tailored to fit the budget with the utmost bare contemporary approach.

The merger of arched elements and personalities define the spaces appropriately, a splash of industrial fabric and it changes the narrative for each corner. The Living room is a contemporary space with a flair of carved brick cladded wall spanned till the edge of the bespoke swing. Bright fabric of Turkish blue on the furniture offsets well with the neutral palette of the flooring and ceiling, establishing a spark of freshness. Indirect lights amplify the brick cladded television wall.

The dining and kitchen is partitioned by a moulded metal frame with inserted brick blocks generating a homogenous palette in the space. Inspired by industrial material, Turkish blue upholstery with chamfered, curated wooden dining is designed for three. The dining wall is elevated by the pattern fabricated arched frames with a series of inverted and hanging clay light fixtures.

The master bedroom is a white calm refuge, mused with soft furnishing execution. Crisply segregating the bedroom with wooden flooring, the leather padded blue headboard cheerfully pops against the white washed wall. Drawn by the natural setting, the fabricated frames add a layer to the wall. This natural and minimal bedroom exudes comfort with the pacifying upholstery, wooden furniture and opulent hanging corner light.

Soaked in bold blue colour and patterns and complementing the energetic vibe of the generation is the child’s bedroom. The theme of the bedroom runs on the arched alcove, an exclusive stencil design work incorporated next to the grooved wardrobes. The entire room displays a radiant outlook through its vivid blue head back resting on the plain wall. The puffed fabric spans the environment with minimal effort of justifying functionality.

This interesting marriage of modern ideas resting on a single floor plate of minimal incorporation is definitely an etched design practice by Samhitha Design Studio and furniture by WOOD-7 Furniture.

Architecture Firm : Samhitha design studio @samhithadesignstudio_@sags_sasa

Photographer : Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions

Furniture design by : @wood7__furniture