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The Classic Memoir, by HIDDEN ARCHITECTS

There was a time in the pre-Corona era when we all had the freedom to go on long expeditions across the globe. Mr. Manish Dua is one such person who has always loved traveling and appreciated the art and architecture of European cities. In the present era of a fast-paced lifestyle and persistent stress, our client wanted a snug weekend getaway to host his kin. His taste is heavily influenced by his travel odysseys over the years.

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This 1200 sq.ft. apartment, situated on the rear end of the hustling city, is the perfect place for the family of five to relax and rejuvenate themselves in the current stressful times. The spaces draw influences from the Scandinavian school of design and Indian traditional furniture. We have incorporated a muted finish palette along with open space planning and maximum use of natural light in the entire house. The minimalistic design approach with added greens, carefully selected artwork and antiques enhances the pizzazz of the space.

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Carpet Area: 1200 sq.ft.

Designed by: Ar. Devyani Minocha, Ar. Karan Ganji

Design Firm: @hiddenarchitects

Documented by: @prachikhasgiwala

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