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The Blue House By Vibe Design Lab | Mumbai, Maharashtra

Area: 900 SF, 2 BHK., with balcony

Design Firm: Vibe Design Lab

Design Team : Mr Priyal Thakker, Ms. Mallika Desai Thakker

Client Brief & Response:

Nestled on the outskirts of Mumbai, this 2 bedroom apartment, is located in a large modern complex, away from the hustle of city life and yet well connected to almost every amenity required for contemporary living. In an attempt to move away from the mundane and escape the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, the couple decided to move away from the city to this almost idealistic second home-like location that offers peace, tranquillity, and amazing views from almost all rooms in the apartment.

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The brief required that the home be expressive, take advantage of the views, and be specific to the quirks of the family of three and their pet dog.

While it had a compact floor plan, a special focus was made to design a space that was comfortable and yet to make sure that the space looks modern, stylish, and uncluttered.

At the core of the design philosophy, the design would revolve around integrating various pieces of art and curios the client had collected over time and would be required to find a place of relevance in the new space as well.

The color Blue stood out as the binding element through these collectibles and reflected in some way or the other through these collected objects. Taking a cue from these, and many discussions later, we decided to layer the color, not just through surface textures and finishes but also furnishings, art, and artifacts which became an integral part of the design right at its inception. The Blue House hence takes us through a range of spaces, each defined by a particular shade of Blue, interpreted in various manners that give the project its particular character and identity.

The overall color and material palette have been kept neutral and a play of beiges, browns, and greys sets the backdrop for the myriad shades of blue that intervene through the home, dissecting and binding, separating and defining each room and each space, individually and as a whole. Minimal furniture and clean lines help keep the space light and uncluttered. Pops of color and strong textures add interest as one moves through the space.

A powder blue door is offset by a slated teakwood wall, and classical molding is given a modern twist by painting it an unconventional, strong blue. While grays are balanced out by teals, straight lines are broken by arched forms. A generous sprinkling of greens via plants, only helps elevate the overall palette and enhance the open, outdoorsy feeling that the clients were looking for.

The Balcony was designed to become an extension of the living area, and comfortable lounge chairs and a plethora of different plants, on the walls and floor help give it a gorgeous outdoor vibe, suited both for an early morning cup of tea or an alternate Work from Home location amidst the greens.

The Shades of Blue, guides us through this cozy apartment, as we move from the lighter, more public spaces to the darker, more intimate spaces, forming a thread of defined continuity through the space. An exercise in restraint, the project provided an opportunity to create maximum impact with minimum materials and allowed us to imagine and explore the use of color as a binding element to create the perfect family home.

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