Terracotta House By House Of Lines

Elegance lies in subtlety and minimal interiors. The brief was simple, ‘I want the house to reflect elegance, but at an affordable price’. The story of the interiors began from this one line brief given by the client to the studio.

Designers often struggle with the concept of minimal interiors, and it is not easy to sell an environment which relies on minimalistic concepts. Minimalism is often misunderstood, but not for House of Lines.

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The interiors project of a 2200sqft apartment in a high-rise in Chennai spews the philosophy of the studio and its approach. The use of clay tiles fixed vertically on the interior wall is the only contrasting element in the apartment. This allows the viewer to draw them to a larger space, and the colors (mostly shades of grey) are used to make the space look larger. The rigidity of the space planning is thus broken by the fluidity achieved through the color scheme. Complimenting the color scheme is the furniture, which is master crafted and handmade. The design of the furniture used one singular material, wood, and uses it to express its solidarity. Looking light yet sturdy in nature, the material is not combined with any other material for sheer respect to the materiality. Blank frames in the living room with compliment to the ‘lightness’ of the apartment, allows maximum light inside the living space.

Each bedroom has a different color scheme as per the client’s requirement. One of it boasts with pastel pink, the bed of which has a backsplash reminiscing of the coffered ceiling pattern but used on the wall. The wardrobes are made in solid wood and exuberates richness and style. The door handles merge with the wardrobe shutters uniting them in one panel. The kitchen boasts of a handless modular unit. An interesting breakfast made of wood is attached to the granite counter of the kitchen. Not hindering the passageway it is smartly designed not to take much space and the chairs can be concealed below the counter. Two high chairs gel perfectly with the high breakfast counter. Rock shape wooden pieces on the wall in an asymmetrical pattern define the essence of subtlety.

The entire apartment oozes elegance in its detail, color schemes and material choices. Rustic and earthy elements were keys to the design concept and hence use of wood and clay tiles is dominant in the apartment. The less sometimes have more to speak and the interiors tell a story of a space which allows the less to dominate and voicing the silence of the space.

Location- Chennai

Built up area-2200 sqft

Project cost- 1 Cr

Firm name - House Of Lines @house.of.lines

Design Team - Ar. Anshuk Punmia @anshukpunmia

Photography Credits - Yash R Jain @_yashrjain