Savannah Themed Kid's Room by Peekaboo Interiors | Chennai

"Our latest interior design project, ‘Rudra’s Den’ was a design dream indeed! We loved putting together the dramatic Savannah-themed wallpaper and weaving the furniture, décor and accessories with rustic wood tones & gorgeous ambient lighting to create this warm & inviting space."

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The room is a fresh burst of energy peppered with beige, orange, mustard, tan, olive green and ivory tones. Movement is always on our agenda – from the two-tier play bunk and slides to the ladders & storage staircase, our furniture inspires little ones to be energetic and on the move! The storage steps lead up to the rustic play bunk that perches prettily over the upholstered bed. The slide in a yummy mango colour is a favourite, especially when it ends inside a cosy upholstered ball pit! Don’t miss the sweet little alcove near the bed that spells out the child’s name in neon signage and adds a heart-warming personalised touch to the interiors.

Our book nook is great for winding down for a cosy family time, or game night on our activity table & chairs that are sturdy enough to hold adults too. Our brown and yellow floor cushions were specifically added for mommas to catch up for a quick coffee while the kids make messes and memories! The cosy book nook occupies centre stage on our ‘wardrobe wall’ that features open shelves in the middle columns and is a chic way to neatly segregate that inevitable clutter. The fluted aesthetic on the beige storage cabinet is an inspiration by cane and sits perfectly within the rustic jungle vibe.

The gorgeous multi-hued puzzle rug and deep green throw are great design pick that adds visual texture to the space. From the unique elephant lamp to the cushions and shaped orange stool, you’ll find a bounty of bespoke pieces that were specifically handcrafted and curated to create curiosity and wonderment. Peekaboo’s statement pieces are handcrafted in our factory in Chennai with sustainably sourced material and non-toxic paint that culminate into chic, durable and child-friendly furniture. Overall, this mini man-cave is a multi-functional space that starts conversations, tells stories and sparks the imagination!