Residential Project, by Cane Boutique

The exterior of the house follows the elegant Greek architecture with columns and arches, keeping that grandeur continuing, you enter the 3-story house with seamless glass windows, a double-height ceiling, a 10-seater marble top dining table, Roberto Cavalli wallpapers, etc.

The ground floor houses the Foyer, Living, Dining, Kitchen, and bedroom.

The common spaces have a touch of luxury and elegance with textured walls, Large Swarovski chandeliers, double-height linen drapes, mother of pearl doors, rich fabrics, fur carpets, etc.

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The Living room space is divided into 3 conversation areas with large artworks from well-known Indian Artists and a fish pond. The furniture is a mix of contemporary seats in rich velvet fabrics with neo-classic sofas and trendy coffee tables.

The dining has a 10-seater marble top table with a rose gold base and chairs, complementing this is the checkered ceiling and a breakfast counter with a mirror backing leading to the kitchen.

The powder room on this floor has a stunning mother of pearl door. The inside has a mirror paneled wall with a gold bowl and fitting.

The Ground floor also houses the young interior designer’s room, Khushi. Done by her in a young feel of whites & blacks combined. The headboard wall has a huge white end-to-end Rose backlit panel that has the softness and elegance matching her personality.

The entire house has a solid wood staircase to give a contrast to the flooring on each floor. The first floor houses the Master Bedroom did up in a luxury Asian style keeping the Serenity of Buddha in mind that smiles down at you with his inscriptions framed. The room has opulent wallpapers & curtains to bring out a fusion mix of characters. We broke down walls to take in some areas of the walk-in to make the room double in size allowing us to work with a lot of materials and different features.

The master bath is done with Asean tiles and a blue accent that follows from the bedroom in the bath. The bathroom has gold fixtures with an inbuilt large spa tub adding a touch of serenity and calmness.

The Guestroom and family room come on the same floor and follow a feel of neo-classic using pastel shades and more intricate details. The Indian mandir finished in a dull gold laser work matches the look and feel of this floor.

This floor has its own balcony overlooking the ground floor plunge pool. To match the first-floor concept, it is done up with Jaisalmer flooring and mosaic tiles. An entire wall with textured cut-outs to place the Indian diyas. The furniture concept also follows the theme with bright colorful charpais and colored wood benches for enjoying a nice evening of Indian festivities.

The second floor is a complete contrast, with exposed brick walls, solid wood flooring, and a concrete ceiling. This floor houses the bar area, lounge, home theatre, and the son’s room.

The design of this floor is very industrial and raw. The home theatre room is tucked behind a mirror panelled wall. The bar is a combination of aluminum, meshwork, and fiber with drop lights. The furniture is a combination of linen fabrics and leathered sofas.

The son’s bedroom has paneled wardrobes with a hexogen feature panel separating it from the rest of the room. The color room uses monochrome colors with red being an accent.

Location: Bangalore

Area: 6000 sq. ft.

Firm Name: Cane Boutique @cane_@cane_boutique .