Residential home "Ishavasyam" by J Architects | Darshanam Club Life , Gotri , Vadodara

Updated: Jun 22

"The doctor couple-client approached us with the interior design project for their sunlight-filled house at Darshanam Clublife (Vadodara) in 2021.

The residence is 2358 sq. ft floor space with four bedrooms and one home theatre space along with the kitchen, living, and dining area for a family of five: parents, grandparents and a son.

This is a project to behold—arrangements where color, texture and form come together symphonically and almost always incorporate family memories. The client’s brief was to have low maintenance, comfortable & opulent home without utilizing loud materials. Thus, serving the client with Minimalistic designs, earthy shades, calming colors, clean lines and play of light was the key idea.

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The project was named “Ishavasyam” with client’s inclination and belief towards the ultimate spiritual energy. Design of this project revolves around the same idea; Enhancing the entryway in wood with a feature wall paneled in fluted MDF painted in Cement texture shade and brass sculptures inspired by the “Dashavatara” – ten primary avatars of Vishnu, a principal Hindu god.

In order to give a spacious look, Open planning concept was implemented. Free- flowing spaces right from the foyer opens up into living space, dining, and kitchen area without any walls or partitions giving it a seamless feel. Completing the whole setting with simplicity and elegance is the pastel microfiber sofa and minimally designed TV unit in the living room. A small breakfast counter overlooks the kitchen area visually connecting yet separate from the living space.

Dining area is designed with earthy elements; Six-seater Dining table made of wooden log with three loose chairs and a wooden bench giving a raw touch yet contemporary. Dynamic feature wall with bottom-lit niches is designed to accommodate showpieces, plants and pots.

Kitchen is specially crafted in neutral AGL quartz from the scratch with civil changes; keeping all the services concealed. Kitchen holds a beautiful open storage element suspended from the ceiling in MS Sections with planters.

Ground floor bedroom incorporates a subtle material pallet in veneer and PU with sufficient storage and a beautiful dry stick artwork frame designed for grandparents.

Continuing with the minimalistic stride, the master bedroom is simple yet sumptuous with crisp and clean lines in wooden flooring and RCC textured wall. Bed-back panel holds an illusional effect through grooving in MDF completed with Cement textured paint. Dressing unit is seamlessly designed adjacent to the bed and study desk at the other corner. Study corner is curated in MS sections cutting through the wooden ledge.

Son’s bedroom is a playful space in pastel theme with backlit world map on white brick textured bed-back wall. Bed is designed with dressing unit on one side and play corner with a chalkboard on the other. Simple grooves on the wardrobe gives a playful yet mature look to the kid’s bedroom keeping it dynamic and evergreen. Study ledge is designed with open storage for books and toys with a Pins board in the back.

Puja room is beautifully done with spiritual shlok and mandala carving on backlit wooden plate with corian puja ledge for the idols. The remaining areas are left untouched with a scope of future expansion.

Each room has a distinct color palette unique to itself, yet the soft grey tones used throughout the house are what unite the spaces in a harmonious way."