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RESIDENCE AT THE CREST, Gurugram by Studio Sukhraaj Kaur

This 2000 sq ft east facing residence, located on the 25th floor of a high rise in Gurugram, opens into a beautifully sun lit home of a young family of four. Having lived in a joint family set-up thus far, moving into their independent space was a bitter sweet move that came with clear instructions for the designer- to create a space that was elegant and warm. But more importantly one that reflected the individuality of each of the family members.

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With a project timeline of five months, this 3-BHK was conceptualised in two parts- the common space which included the living & dining; and the three bedrooms.

The entry, living and dining was one large open space with such influx of natural light, where the clients wished for some sense of privacy. We decided to introduce a brass Jaali partition, designed and placed in a way that would contain the expanse of this common area and give it a sense of hierarchy; while making sure they could enjoy all that natural light.

The living and dining are fluid spaces characterised by their bespoke furniture and aesthetic. Living area is a combination of warm tones of veneer, upholstery and marble wall cladding with hints of brass. While the dining is defined by its dark and glossy palette; an apt reflection of the couple’s personal tastes that blend perfectly into this modern-contemporary home.

On the other hand, each bedroom has its unique color scheme and material palette. This part of the home is meticulously planned for better function, light and comfort.

Design Firm: @studio.sukhraajkaur

Size: 2000 sq ft

Location: Gurugram, Haryana

Principal Architect/Designer: Sukhraaj Kaur

Client: Suparna and Nikhil Popli

Photography: @taranggoyal_

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