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Posh Paper Plant, by Angel Design Studio

They say its simpler saving paper than planting a tree, this humongous and splendid executive office for the largest paper mill in Morbi is designed by Interior Designer Anjali Gajjar , Angel Design Studio in collaboration with Ar. Henish Kakadia, Principal architect of Salt Studio for the remarkable and an exclusive elevation. The elevation justifies the uniqueness of the building as well as helps filtering the excessive sunlight that Morbi faces during the year. Planned and designed with the sole purpose of conducting meetings , and holding conferences for the executives , from the scale of the building to the selection of the material palate the architect and the designing team has left no stone unturned in creating the space a marvelous one.

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Welcomed by the Idol of Prosperity, one enters into a large scaled volume of waiting area and reception. The volume can be measured by a chain of long art installation depicting the brown papers folded and hung in a free hierarchy design. A geometric pattern ceiling highlights the volume. The soil tones receptions a very soothing ambience, and allows a balance in the volume ratio. A two stepped wooden deck, praised by the off white upholstery sets an earthy and mono character of the space.

Architectural Firm : @angeldesign_studio

Photographer : @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions

Content : @binolizaveri

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