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Patel's Residence By Chaukhat Design Studio | Vadodara, Gujarat

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Location: Vasna- Bhaili , Vadodara, Gujarat

Year built: 2021

Size: sq.feet: 950 sq. ft

Project Cost : 10.5 Lakhs INR

Designed by: Chaukhat Design Studio

Principal Architect: Ruturaj A. Puranik

Associate Architect: Hiteshi Shah

Photograph courtesy: M K Gandhi Studio

Inspired by the elements of the mid-century modern style of interior that originated in the US in the twentieth century, our client, who lives there, wanted something similar for his parent’s 3-bedroom apartment in Vadodara, Gujarat. So the house explores the idea of clean lines, graphic shapes, functionality, a combination of natural & man-made materials, neutral tones with a pop of vibrant retro colors & integration of indoor & outdoor elements.

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Upon entering, the home opens into a sunlit drawing room with an indigo sofa & two wood-tone circular coffee tables offsetting against a beautiful grey, concrete-textured wall. Complimenting this array of colors & textures, is a TV console on the opposite wall, in wood tones & set against a backdrop dominated by white color & vertical lines in punning.

To the right is a custom-made, fabricated glass partition in orthogonal grid-inspired pattern, dividing the drawing room & dining area. Since the apartment lacks a dedicated pooja space, this partition, apart from adding character to the space, acts as a multifunctional furniture piece by creating a pooja nook for the family & providing additional storage space.

Beyond this partition is the dining area & kitchen, built around a statement lighting fixture and doused in shades of blues & greys, neutral & wood tones & linear & curvilinear lines for balance. The curvilinear form of dining chairs upholstered in indigo blue & the custom-made, circular, white ceramic hanging wall-plates with abstract line art, inspired by different foods, on the grey, concrete-textured wall beautifully complement the cylindrical form of the glass tube lighting fixture while simultaneously breaking the monotony of linearity of the table & kitchen cabinets.

The space planning for the bedrooms is accomplished with a focus on functionally & uncluttered spaces using simple, sleek lines. The furniture design is kept clean using a combination of engineered wood & teakwood for profile handles to optimize the cost. The color palette here is rooted in nature with earthy green & aquamarine tones against primary neutral tones of white & wood, complemented by plants & accent lights.

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