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NOIR by Spin Designs | Anand, Gujarat

Named after its mysterious and multifaceted design front, is this 3bhk penthouse situated in the lively locale of Anand, Gujarat. Designed by Spin Designs, big on bold aesthetics and a graphical stronghold.

A collage of varied materials and an extended color palette make this residence a maximalist haven.

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The family room more than serves its function of a shared space meanwhile maintains its luxurious charm. Richly layered with blush velvets, a monochrome carpet, and an overall beige envelope.

The kitchen and dining spaces are approached holistically, the dark black monolithic kitchen and the eclectic dining space with mindfully curated artworks.

The vestibule from dining to the terrace is devised as buffer space in an almost gallery-like set-up, with statement wall scones and modern pedestals to display a faux Michelangelo's David, to contrast the 'Pichwai' in the dining.

The monochrome room // This bedroom is crafted with a constricted palette of grays, white and black. From simple fabrics to intricate graphics.

The blue room // This bedroom showcases a striking blue fabric panel, purposefully paired with earthy warms to balance out and present a collected and calm space.

The tropical room // This bedroom features a custom-made tropical wallpaper with toucans and palms creating a vibrant ambiance.

Project Name: NOIR | more and beyond

Design By Spin Designs

Principal Designer :ID. Vishrut Soni

Photography By: Studio Rohan Patel

Location :Anand, Gujarat

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