NIRUPAMAM by ARK Architecture Studio | Nettayam , Trivandrum

Located in a site away from the commotions of the big city, this residence of 3100 sq ft area, sits at a land parcel of 6 cents within a quiet residential area. Accommodating the client’s brief for this residential project within the site area constraints was a challenge in itself.

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The site is located at nettayam , which lies in the urban-rural transition zone of Trivandrum. The east-facing site had a downward slope and breathtaking views toward the west end of the plot. A minimalistic design approach was adopted for this residence with the main concept of creating a quiet, cosy and humble abode, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. The shorter side of the site lying along the east-west axis, and the downward sloping terrain were an added advantage in controlling the thermal condition of the building. Perforated terracotta screens of Jellies were carefully placed on this axis to maximise the flow of wind. A long wind tunnel was introduced towards the west face of the residence which acts as the source for wind flow in the built form through the principle of the venturi effect. The perforated screen controls the intensity of the strong winds and ensures a cool breeze throughout. A stack effect core was also created with the introduction of an internal courtyard. This shaft resulted in the interiors always remaining cool despite being situated in a humid climate region. This 3-storey residence was vertically zoned to meet the functional requirements of the clients. The ground floor is the semi-public zone was set to an open plan with the common spaces blending into a single linear space with intangible transitions in between. The green courtyard acted as a semi-permeable transition space from the living to the dining area. The heart of the residence is the double-height dining Area, (as required by the clients ) was placed at a lower level and was flanked on one side by the internal sky-lit courtyard with lush greenery. The steps leading to the dining area also act as an informal seating area which extends onto an inbuilt seating adjacent to the courtyard space. The upper floor being of a more private character , has a long bridge as a connecting element running on the east west axis . The bridge , overlooking the double height dining and courtyard area is well lit throughout the day. An existing mango tree opposite to the site was framed by the balcony doorway from the bridge providing a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing view . Neutral and subtle palette of materials and colours was followed throughout in this residence with a tinge of yellow and green. Custom green doors were designed further to bring in the liveliness of the colour . The courtyard is flavoured by different textures and patterns of green which lies in stark contrast to the rough terracotta texture of the brick cladding . The exterior of the house reflects tropical modernism . A custom designed lengthy armchair sits at the sit out space , overlooking the landscape of the site , for the clients to spend their quiet evenings at .

Project Name - NIRUPAMAM

Category - Residential project

Client - Mr.Akhil and Mrs.Manjusha

Architecture Firm – ARK Architecture Studio @arkarchitecturestudio

Principal Architect - Ar.Rahul Kumar

Photography : Out of focus

Project Details:

Area – 3100 sq.ft

Year of Completion - 2021

Location - Nettayam , Trivandrum