Neoteric House, by N.Z. Associates

Nest to a young Doctor couple, who wanted a home that was warm but equal parts functional and modern. Having lived in a bungalow earlier, size & open spaces was extremely important to them.The idea here was to infuse modern design sense into the house, while making it look expansive. Bold colors, intricately designed furniture, marble clad walls with brass inlays have been carefully placed to bring out the modern taste of the owners.

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Project Name: Neoteric House.

Project Size: 2800 sqft (Apartment)

Location: Ramdaspeth Nagpur

Designing Team: Yash & Parth Jhawar (N.Z. Associates)

Instagram Profile: @nzassociates

Picture Credits: PHX India @phxindia

Styling Credits: Stylefix India @stylefix.india