Modern and stylish residence

The owners of the home are a young couple who love to entertain and socialise with their large group of friends and family.

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The 3bhk apartment in Bandra, Mumbai houses a family of 3 (a couple and their son). The brief was clear: a modern take on design through the smart use of colour and material palette.

The clients are very outgoing and wanted a strong modern house with the use of clean lines and linear space, and were not averse to the use of bold colours if the space demanded it. Apart from amplifying the space, we also wanted to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Keeping this in mind, we employed copious use of colours in the living, dining and the bar area by using definitive ways to connect spaces without making them overwhelming. Lacquer finish, fibre panel patterns, monochromes and glimpses of wood run through the palette, complimented by a hint of stone and rose gold finishes in light fitting and accent furniture.

The living room is divided into a formal seating space and dining area, and a bar area.

One element that distinguishes this home is the use of grey tinted mirror in the dining which reflect the setup & make it look large and compliment the other hues, the teal colour and the wallpapered bar area. Glass and black metal frame partition gives an edge to the space. By making this move, it became easier to connect these opposite spaces from a visual aspect and make it look part of a large living room.

The master bedroom glimmers with coral and light grey tones & the pièce de résistance is the stone wall behind the bed. Made up of fibre looking like stone in a rough cut finish, that were arranged to form asymmetric pattern. The bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe that is combined with the bathroom to create more volume with mirror panels in rose gold powder coated frame shutters.

Designed by -

PC - @pulkitsehgal7