Mashrabiya By Form Design Studio | Indore, Madhya Pradesh

A Mashrabiya in Indore that nurtures connections in its spaces and residents.

Form Design Studio designed a bungalow in Indore which marries traditional family values of togetherness with its architectural shell.

Houses that are homes, filled with a sense of freedom, of movement and light, a sense of belonging and comfort, those that bring joy to its residents; one such home is designed by Form Design Studio for a family of five, located in a dense urban context, this 5BHK home makes for a spacious, sunbathed habitat despite its modest 1500 SQFT plot area.

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The family’s vision was to have a spacious and intimate home where connections between people could be nurtured. The home looks across a large society garden and is planned well to bring in the outdoor views.

The terracotta jail gives the home its identity, paired well with generous balconies and planter pockets on its façade. This continues inside as well, across three floors and five bedrooms. An open tiple height volume located in the central core forms a courtyard dining space that flows intuitively into adjoining living and kitchen spaces.

Large windows and skylight in the central courtyard fill the space with ample daylight, making it a pleasant experience across all floors. The angled brick-clad walls create dramatic shadow play on either side which is especially pleasing when viewed from a mid-landing of the very nonchalant floating metal staircase.

The white painted underside of the staircase almost merges it with the rest of the shell while accentuating the volume of the core. The walls in common spaces are adorned with custom-made terracotta lamps and artworks to further denote the authenticity in the use of materials in the spaces.

The bedrooms carry a simplistic theme in the same white shell and a warm-toned flooring dotted with traditional motifs. Carefully planned openings bring in views from terrace balconies and a triple-height courtyard to establish a visual connection between spaces.

In the main bedroom, the façade jail forms beautiful intricate shadow patterns while also blocking glare and allowing a beautiful view of the garden across the lane.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Built up area: 3800 sq ft

Form Design Studio

Photographs by: Avesh Gaur

Project Team: Nikhil Marmat , Mustafa Topiwala, Murtaza Topiwala

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