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Maison De Luxe By Ar. Rashi Choudhary

Tucked in the middle of the picturesque city of Nashik in Maharashtra. This nouvelle abode is characterized by its charming persona to unwind and luxuriate.

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A spacious 1700 sq. ft. dwelling inhabited by 3 generations of Yeola family celebrates each individual, yet binds the home together with its functionality. This 15-year-old property demanded for a makeover which can stand the test of time. Designed with materials like wood, concrete finishes and white statuario adds timelessness to the home.

Visually a monochromatic palette dominates the house, highlighting the personality of individuals in each space. The grandparents room harmonizes the space with use of rattan weave for them to reminiscence their early days, whereas a voguish approach can be observed in design in the gen Z bedroom with concrete finishes on wall and clean white interiors. The master suite is a blend of both, to maintain the equilibrium.

An enchanting view of the city from this height called for knocking down a few walls for drawing in the panoramic view into the living room with the addition of north lights into the space which illuminates the living spaces. This is thoroughly enjoyed by the Yeola’s to destress and relax which truly makes it Maison De Luxe.

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

Area: 1700 sq ft

Designed By: ARC Tales By Ar. Rashi Choudhary (@simply_rashi)

Photos by: Yash Kataria (@whatweclick)

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