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“Labham” this private residence (family of 5 members) is located in the dense metroscape of surat. The ideas are persuaded into tangible form considering client’s requirements. This visually presents an articulate, accessible and convincing form.

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The front façade embraces linear cutouts for spaciousness and unhindered flow of natural daylight that leads to the sheltered main entrance of the house. The living room is breezy with calming white and grey tones which makes it flippant.

The connected kitchen is designed to be palatial which also fulfills the functioning and is moderately divided by a partition rack. The black granite makes tabletop commodious. There is a perfect blend of harsh rectilinear designs with curves to soften the overall impact which concludes at breaking the rigidity of the linear forms.

The hanging spiral light over the dining area makes the ambit fascinating and ignites the space. The granite and wooden texture helps in achieving luminous diversity and creating visually comfortable interior ambiances.

There is a sense of flow from one space to another. The curves are cleverly incorporated into the room scheme. Smooth, curling lines improve functionality and boost good feeling, both inside and out and it also works as a beautiful foil to the house’s bold design. The modest curve softens up a space, adding a pinch of quirkiness and surprise.

The curve on the borders of this bedroom also seem to draw you towards the rooms beyond, aiding the open-plan feels. The colors with pastel shades are used to embellish the aperture as this adds softness and calms the clashing bright commodities and also adds playfulness making the atmosphere cheerful.

Project Name: LABHAM

Project location: Surat, Gujarat, india.

Built-up area: 4190 sq.ft

Architects / designer: @krutam_designstudio

Design Team: Ar. Manoj Chodvadiya, Ar. Axay Kotadiya, Ar. Nirali Kathiriya, Ar. Dhara Ravani

Photographer credits : Vishal Parvadiya

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