Krish Atulya By Atri Design Studio

Atri designs don’t believe in perfection but we love embracing the imbalance and creating something beautiful out of that asymmetry.

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Exemplary WFH Office/ Library

With the pandemic, WFH designs and home offices have been in such demand that we decided to make useful, accessible and purposeful studies, libraries and offices in the very comfort of your home.

We have used minimalist design elements like a map on the wall and a small modern storage cabinet cum desk.

Dazzling entrance door

We always try to create entrances that are bespoke and grand. Here, the wooden door carved with multiple mirrors is bringing the essence of artistic design and aesthetics in one single look.

Luxurious Living room

We believe in creating spaces that are ice-breakers and tell a story of its own. We use unconventional ideas with conventional materials like glass with wood.

We created a metal and mirror partition to give the living room a more vibrant yet elegant finish.

Accessible Kitchen

Atri designs understands the utilities well. So, the kitchen is designed with contemporary looks and anti-scratch neat acrylic laminates.

Atri designs brings in experts from all the fields to serve pan India clientele. We roped in around 12 agency experts to deliver a much satisfying and luxurious home design for a high-end client.

Carved Stones

We used lights that bring in the natural aura of the rooms and decorated them with statement carved stones in every corner to create a balance of design.

Atri design utilizes modern approach for delivering a contemporary art work. We believe in making every corner a breathable space which has a purpose.

If you want to make a space that defines your style and perception, then Atri designs is your place.

Location: Nikol, Ahmedabad

Built up : 2175 sq.ft

Plot Area : 5106 sq.ft

Firm name : @atri_design_studio

Design Team: Zankhana Tataria

Photography Credits : @abhshah._