Kinaara - The Ripple House By Design Dott Com | Surat, Gujarat

Design Firm: Design Dott Com

Principal Architects: Ar.Vijay Sohilia & Ar. Raj Kachhadiya

Photography by: Studio Rohan Patel

Styling by: In-House Styling

Project Brief :

“Kinaara” is a residence in Surat, set in an apartment overlooking the Tapi River. The design has been conceptualized taking inspiration from river waves called the “Ripple Effect”. Moreover, the client’s affinity towards maximalism and a house that reflects his personality led to the design idea.

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Main Door_

The main door is designed as a group of concentric rings with punctures in it creating a unanimous formation, becoming an eye-catching element at the first point. Followed by the main door is a small buffer space _ a personal lift lobby with patterned inlay flooring in white Italian marble and brown onyx. The pattern of the flooring is carried forward to the adjoining highlight wall and reflected in the ceiling using the mirror, creating c-shaped patterned surfaces.

Entrance foyer_

As one enters the house, one witnesses the vastness of the space. The foyer space has informal seating with an elemental screen as a backdrop.

Living Area_

The living area seamlessly transpires into an ultra-chic adobe with modern lighting, rich and refined detailing, dramatic wall textures, and accent features. The ceiling becomes the “fifth wall” in the space and adds to the maximalist design featuring a ripple pattern in mirror and wood. The TV wall has paneling done in onyx stone backlit randomly to enhance the beauty of the space at night. The balcony adjoining the living space gives an expanse of river view from the inside

Kitchen and Dining_

The layout is an open plan with Foyer, Living, Puja, Dining, and Kitchen connected visually but separated by partitions and varied furniture elements. The paneling in the area is kept subtle with random grooves and mirror strips added to the detail.


The bedrooms are kept minimal with metal art pieces on the bed back. The back walls are treated in veneer, leather, and mirror paneling with a different character in each room. With a unique selection of upholstery and patterns in all rooms, all bedrooms are in symphony with each other yet unique in their own way.

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