INTROVERT HOUSE, by studio8055

The plot area is 3600 sq.ft. which is located in (Miryalaguda) surrounded by

Apartment ,Residences on adjoining sides and is accessed from the east& north

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Year Built : 2022

Plot Area : 3600 sq feet

Built up : 1738 sq feet

Project Size: 3600 sq feet

Principal Architect(s) : Sharma.YVK

Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Seemachal ,Shravani ,Lubna

Maheshbabu, Yashwanth

Photograph Courtesy : Rajasheker,Siddarth

  • The client wanted the house to be outlined for a family of 5 people

  • Having lived in a very utilitarian house until now, they desired to shift closer to nature.

  • Expecting the design to be very functional and hence more pocket spaces have been added and new quality of interior space, material/finishes have been incorporated & at the same time we believed in maximalism.

  • matching up with client's brief developing the concept and the response towards the context has been a great journey for us.

  • Scooping out the volumes drifted our ideas towards bringing in direct & indirect light and playing with shadows.

  • The internal zonal articulation is kept simple, with private, semi-private zone

  • we have avoided windows on the south side for private areas, in-order to reduce the heat intake. through the concept of venturi effect and by providing cross ventilation the small openings make the air flow with pressure and turns the hot breeze into cool once.

  • The facade is flanked by dead walls and open terraces at different levels to cut the direct entry of sunlight thus acting as buffer for the main functional spaces. The elevation thus strikes a balance between solidity and transparency.

  • The circular cut out in living is to break the rhythm of the space that makes the zone stand out and gives a transparent vision of staircase.

The interior colour scheme is conceptualized to be neutral and the material palette minimal.