INCOGNITO HOUSE by YOLO Design Studio | Pilathara, Payyanur

The project aims to create a strong symbol for residential architecture in an area dominated mostly by an amalgamated architectural style. The form of the two-storey structure reflects the timelessness of minimalism.

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The two-block design, one over the other, can be viewed from multiple viewpoints as one approaches the building, thanks to the long front yard, thoughtfully designed to accommodate outdoor activities, play areas and a beautiful garden. The long-running cladded wall forms the backdrop for the landscape in front and acts as a buffer for the private spaces inside. Behind the rigid wall, holds the heart of the house -the huge Indoor courtyards, which bring life to the spaces around.

Brief of the Architects

YOLO Design Studio, a multifaceted design practice was founded in 2020 by

Ar. Amith and Ar. Vishnu, both graduates from TKM College of Engineering Kollam. This budding practice strongly believes in experimentation and strives to create a contextually responsive design with a minimalistic approach. The studio is keen on viewing architecture through a socially responsible lens apart from aspirational residential and commercial projects, putting their skills to best use for the people who could not afford it otherwise.


Category - Residential

Client - Sudhakaran

Architecture Firm - YOLO Design Studio @yolo_design_studio

Principal Architects - Ar. Amith Kamal & Ar. Vishnu M.R

Area - 5200 sq,ft

Year of Completion - 2022

Location - Pilathara, Payyanur

Photographer - Ar. Prasanth Mohan, @runningstudio

Budget - 1.5 Cr