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Home Gauरी - Surat, Gujarat

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Living Room :

Opting for a soothing gray-and-Charcol pannel for the backdrop of TV throughout, we transfer this tranquil aesthetic equilibrium with bold color colour Mirrior.One wall of the living room is painted in an eye-catching wall pannel design an experimental collaboration between Olive green PU with combination of charcoal grey metal art with indirect lights which transforms the space. The sofa, framed by contemporary English colour , center table with Two classical chairs,Metal sider on either side, helps delineate the living area.

Kitchen :

We created a modern concept semi modular kitchen by cleverly covering the cabinetry with modern silent grey shades handleless doors and adding a sleek dark grey Quartz stone on worktop and beige and printed floor . In response to the client we added flute Clear glass on overhead cabinets with indirect light with cool tones of Niche with Hidden chimney.Ceiling was used in metal finish.

Son Bedroom :

His inventive flair for mixing and matching art, unique antiquities, and design classics spans eras, with a play on balance, form, and function. “I find things on my travels, and at flea markets and through vintage dealers,” Ankit Bhansali explains. “I have a curiosity for design and I never buy pieces with a plan on where to put them in my apartment or to match them with the wall color. I don’t want it to look like a showroom, I just buy what I love, but I rearrange things constantly,” he says with a laugh.

Master Bedroom :

There are joyful lighting gems too, such as a back in Lamination with indirect light with long length headrest in his bedroom.

Authentic Grecian Selman pink chair with light grey console n brown leather Tv back wall,Added louvred shutter in white ash wood.“I think it’s important to bring the modern feel of the place you live in, or come from, into your own space. These pieces add a story and give meaning and life to a home,” Ankit says. “I think it’s important that their stories continue.”

Foyer :

If the common saying of "the first impression is the one that stays" is applied to interior of house, the entrance foyer takes on fundamental importance.

We tried to translate the vision of the client and designed a Subtle theme entrance with a beautiful wall art having pvd brass framing with back painted glass in it and also a console which perfectly compliments the space. And for combining the overall design we continued the Same tv wall panel which provide a larger perspective to the enterance.

Grand Parents Bedroom :

The bedroom comprise of neutral and earthy colour palette, which is the main focal point here.

The back panel is created in a contemporary form with a luxurious brown flooring, the highlighting colour of the console gives a beautiful final touch to the room

Its all about keeping it simple, comfortable and true to our design

Daughter Bedroom :

A daughter bedroom with the feminine touch having arched shape mirror in bed bck wall, is a focal point of the space And a contrasting linear panel is created to escalate the height of the room.

Tv wall featuring modern yet glamorously designed console having backside panel with tile completing the overall experience

While designing the room we focus on creating a consistent language throughout so that every space seems like a part of whole.

Project Name : Gauरी

Principal Designer : @ankith_bhansali

Design Team : @ankit_bhansali_designs @tanisha08feb @kri_0407 @sakshi_mittal1528 @sakshinebhani39

Furnishing By : @mahavirfurnishingssurat

Decor By : @sapphire_lifestyleproducts

Photography By : @studio.rohanpatel

Styling & Cinematography By:

Location : Surat, Gujarat


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