GOLF VILLA – H/160 by Space Designers | Lucknow

A modern-style house located in Lucknow, maintaining a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The Golf Villa exhibits a lavish outline giving it a unique visual identity in a typical neighbourhood.

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The interiors are simple and elegant while at the same time exuding a sense of luxury. A rich and exclusive colour pallet is used to add warmth to the spaces.

Located in Lucknow, this Grand Golf Villa is situated on a north-facing rectangular plot. Spreading across a plot area of 10200 sq. ft. The villa has a built-up area of 12000sq.ft.

The site is open on the front and rear sides. Considering the fact that the Rear side of the site shares its periphery with the premium Lush green Golf Course it is only apt to call it The Golf villa.

The surrounding environment is calm and peaceful as the site is in one of the newly developing areas of the city with a good road network connecting it to the main city centre.

A significant chunk of land has been generously left as the front and rear setbacks to integrate and blend naturally into the site. An impressive garden with a breath-taking landscape has been beautifully curated at the front and rear ends of the plot.

The design philosophy honours the unique personality of the client. The idea was to create a modern-style house while maintaining the balance between aesthetics and functionality. This residence exhibits a lavish outline giving it a unique visual identity in a typical neighbourhood.

A homogeneous colour scheme of greys and white is followed on the exterior with textures of wood and stone to create highlight elements on the façade. The magnificent double-height door crafted in natural wood, emphasizes the main entrance and gives the villa a palatial touch.

The house appears to be in complete harmony with its surroundings and embodies timeless beauty. In order to establish a good indoor-outdoor connection, a prudent installation of floor-to-ceiling height windows has been carried out.

The primary goal was to create a cosy, comfortable and well-connected house. As the villa is designed for a small family consisting of the client, his children and his parents. The idea was not to let the huge scale of the house overpower and dominate the family.

The villa consists of 5 bedrooms, a formal and informal living area, kitchen and dining area, a pooja room, a terrace garden overlooking the golf course, an entertainment room and a home theatre.

The vision was to design a home in which a family would bond and co-habit well. The spatial requirements are fulfilled in a manner that each member gets a certain amount of privacy while still feeling connected with one another.

The plan is conceptualized in such a way that it promotes family interactions. A triple-height atrium covered with glass is designed at the central core of the house. This allows ample natural light to enter throughout the day. All the main corridors are planned along this Atrium enhancing the visual connection among various levels.

The internal volume has been treated with a continuous green wall, imparting a homogeneous essence to it. Narrating calmness and tranquillity is the chromatic sculpture suspended from the glass roof above. The staircase, the bedrooms, the living areas, the kitchen and dining all open up at the central triple heightened area which serves as the heart of the villa.

The interiors are simple and elegant while at the same time exuding a sense of luxury. A rich and exclusive colour pallet is used to add warmth to the spaces.

The living area: The space where the family would spend most of their time together has a magical and serene touch that enriches living. Shades of beige, and the use of various shapes and materials reflect the beauty of a modern contemporary bungalow in every essence.

The interior in the bedrooms is an interesting blend of colour pallets, simple lines and cosiness. Each space has been designed in such a way that it appeals to the individual user of the corresponding space, yet is perfectly in harmony with the rest of the house. For example, the bedroom of the elderly parents on the ground floor has a traditional feel to it. A neutral colour pallet with delicate accents and finishes provides a soothing and homely feel to the space. The bed backdrop is wrapped with floral wallpaper to create an aura of freshness throughout the space. On the contrary, the first-floor bedroom is given a more contemporary look. Wooden battens are used in the false ceiling innovatively. The colours are made to pop out instead of using light textures to reflect the modern lifestyle of the younger couple.

The lavish residence came out exquisitely well because it brought out the passion of users and the designers, which was aligned well by workmen, resulting in a seamless product. This villa is a place for the family to relax, enjoy, laugh and create countless memories. As the owners intended, this is a celebration of ‘home’.

Type: Residential

Location: Lucknow

Design Studio: Space Designers @spacedesigners.architects

Design Team: Ar. Jitendra Bhatia, Ar. Kavit Bhatia