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Precast flooring by Heyconcrete!

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful space. Start with a great concept and the rest will fall into place. Concrete floors have always been an irreplaceable option for dynamic spaces. Executing concrete floors directly on site again is a challenging job as it eventually develops cracks.

FLOORING PANELS by HEY CONCRETE makes your job as easy as you can imagine. These precast panels come in 20 MM thick slabs of our self-developed mix of Ultra High Performance Concrete (H-UHPC) which gives it an unbeatable strength. These panels come in a standard size of 1200 MM x 600 MM and can be casted in any solid color or TERRAZZO.

Terrazzo is a lot more than just a flooring material. It’s a design aesthetic that goes back thousands of years, while still retaining its unique influence today in the 21st century. You may be surprised to learn that this material was first used as early as 9000 to 8000 BC, according to archaeologists, who use the word “Terrazzo” to denote the floors of early-Neolithic structures.

The biggest USP of TERRAZZO flooring is the endless customization when it comes to the base color and the size and material of the chips to be used. If you can put your imagination into words, HEY CONCRETE will make sure they turn it into a reality.

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