Earthen edge by 42MM Architecture | Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

An illustration of creating maximum impact with minimal intervention through a monolithic anatomy, the house is structured to celebrate the inertness of its volume.

The idea of the bare skeleton was to embrace the multivalent common areas while adding the essential pauses that bind a large space together. The design process was a lateral exercise of overlapping various layers services, fixtures, furniture and materials to attain a functionally cohesive and aesthetically pleasing décor.

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The attempt was to ensure that the space is not over designed. The colour palette constituted greys, browns, white & black. The upholstery and tapestry also are in the neutral shades while the art work adds the highlight and pop colour to the room. This was done to keep the interiors visually light. The art work was carefully curated to suit the client's style and create points of focus within the room. It comprises of Indian figurative, carvings and patterns of traditional Indian art. The house features work of Vinita Dasgupta, Jagadish Chinthala, Mayadhar Sahu, Ramesh Gorjala, Lalit Sharma and Saraswathi L.

The greys are constituted by the flooring (Grey William and Alaska Grey) and grey wall paint. Wooden cladding and furniture pieces contribute to the browns, while the white ceiling, light fixture and metal in furniture add the black and white elements that complete the composition. All surfaces in a room have a uniform tactile finish and a seamless look.

The drawing room, dining room, lounge and kitchen form a large unified space. It is also the linear axial core of the house. The challenge was to keep the space united while breaking the monotony of the volume. Principally this was done by intersecting the large volume with planes of wood panelling on the wall and the ceiling. The wooden panels form the back drop of the sofa seating or console while the wooden ceiling contains the dining area. Thus, the space feels unified and exclusive at the same time.

The services in the house are first layer of the design framework. Only 1 way or 2-way cassette ACs were used and strategically placed in the ceiling to achieve maximum possible height. All light fixtures primarily illuminating the house were either concealed lights or track lights. We deliberately reduced the use of pendant lights and placed them along the corners of the room addressing the height constraints. The resultant height of the house is merely 8'-6". A single level in the ceiling was maintained to keep the interiors true to the minimalist skeleton. Only the dining table adorns a central pendant light as it anchors and accentuates the furniture at the same time.

The furniture selection and procurement were done keeping in mind the seamless look, low key design quotient and the material code that unifies the house. All the artwork and upholstery are locally sourced. All artwork is a representation of the traditional designs of India. The fusion of a minimalist yet traditional interiors was done to reflect the personality of the client.

CLIENT: Mr. Basker

DESIGN FIRM: @42mmarchitecture

CARPET AREA: 2200 sq ft


CONSTITUENT FUNCTIONS: Drawing room, Dining Room, Living Room, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Toilets and Pooja Room.