Cozy Colorful Casa , Chandivali, Andheri, Mumbai - by The Design Plexus, Mumbai

The client wanted a highly functional house with simple yet sophisticated design solution while taking care of the Vastu. As a Three generational but Small family of five, the home needed to be designed to suite their needs and likings from functionality to colors and textures.

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Fueled by functionality each and every aspect of the design is carefully detailed for the present and future needs of the client. Contemplating care for three generations, A transitional Style of interior theme was carefully developed creating subtle play between wall moldings, colors and textures.

Entire apartment is seen as a blank White canvas & each space is looked as an experience to dwell and hence is cautiously poured with shades of neutral colors defining specific kind of activities for that space. Since the Floor-Floor Height of the apartment was only 9ft, it was considered to accentuate the vertical lines to create a sense of height for each space.

CARPET AREA- 1250 SQFT (Residential Apartment)

ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS- @thedesignplexus.architects

Ar. Arzu Jaria

Ar. Mandar Kamble

PHOTOGRAPHY - @studio_varadanvekar