Chess House By Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP | Pune, Maharashtra

We had an opportunity to design the Architectural and Interior of this house, on chess concept as the Client and his 3 sons have a hobby of Playing Chess.

To follow the Chess concept, we created Chess pieces in the shapes of King, Rook, Knight, Bishops, etc. through laser cutting in fabrication and these lasers cut Chess pieces were set at the roof level slab. Daylight filters through it creating a play of light and shadows throughout the day according to the sun's position.

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Also, we have made Chess piece cutouts of Rook, Knight, King, and Bishops in Bold colored MDF, which are used in wall paneling.

Chessboard in Black and White Tiles on the open triple height wall which connects all three floors, and extends from exteriors to the Interiors and one can see it from both sides: Common areas and private areas.

To create the CHESS HOUSE feel, square grid patterns are followed, in continuity with the Joint lines of Flooring (Exterior and Interior), Paneling, Fabrication Pergolas, and Railing patterns.

Even the soft furnishings like Curtains, Bedsheets, Cushions, and Carpets are all designed in a square pattern. Carpets are locally made in square patterns and bold colors.

Project Location - Gangadham, Pune

Total Project Cost ( approximate) - Rs.6000/sq.ft. Your Firm Name and Website - Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP, Photography Credits - Mr. Hemant Patil