Ava House, by NZ Associates

Ava House is an interesting medley of different material palettes, eclectic accent pieces and clean-lined furniture. Upholstered sofas in rich green and metallic bling hints conjure the living room's seating arrangement. Touches of decadence from the chandelier, artwork and soft rug create a cohesive look. Glass demarcates the different areas offering fluidity and hints of privacy to suit the homeowner's needs. Warm tones of wood juxtapose the opulence of the richly veined marble for an inviting vibe.

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An interplay of patterns keeps the visual interest drawn throughout this space — be it the monochromatic flooring or the use of rattan furniture in the deck area. An understated colour scheme permeates the bedrooms, instilling a sense of sophistication while having a pared-back feel.

Project Size - 4000 Sq Ft ( Apartment )

Location - Nagpur

Firm - Principal Architects ( NZ Associates )

A) Yash Jhawar

B) Parth Jhawar

Design Team

A) Shivani Yadav


Picture Credits - ( PHX India ) - @phxindia

Styling Credits - ( Stylefix India ) - @stylefix.india