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Rahul and Chandini were both desirous of what they sought in their first home, together. Coming from distinctly different backgrounds, cities and dialects; the couple first began with enlisting what their common line of interests and preferences were. The underlining thought which both of them unanimously were in agreement with was – a home which will be an extension of their personalities, a little sanctum of escape within the urban jungle and a place for inspiration all throughout.

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Owing to the nature of the apartment, wherein all walls were shear (RCC) walls, the option of opening up walls was very minimal. The couple was thus desirous to opening up walls whichever were possible to allow spaces to flow into each other.

Overall concept:

Fans of the Great Gatsby and having marvelled at the reminiscent of Art Deco style that the city of Mumbai had largely witnessed in the early 20th century, they were keen on adopting an interpretation of the Art Deco style within a contemporary palette, owing to the spatial challenges that comes alongwith an urban apartment. The design language adopted is a confluence of clutter free design with ample greens, of little nooks of engagement and personalized touch everywhere.

Client and Architects: Chandini Agarwal & Rahul Menon

Location: Mumbai

Project Area: 1200 sqft.

Photography: The Fishy Project

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