Apartment Interior @ Swati Crimpson by Prashant Parmar Architect ™ | Shilaj, Ahmedabad

This apartment is a piece of art which spreads a sense of calm through its use of natural & gentle tones balancing fresh simplicity and comfort.

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Groovy designs are easy to achieve but an everlasting timeless interior calls for added efforts and hard work.

Our focus was on the tactile design of fabrics, different textures & furniture with the harmony of veneers which makes the ambience of every space warm & positive throughout which feels homely.

  • The requirement for a Study or family space with well-lit dining became a key to the new addition to expand more in open plan.

  • This became possible by converting the fourth bedroom into an open study area cum family sitting, resulting in an ample, well-lit, well-ventilated and visually connected space.

  • The Colour Palette of the space affects us visually and our design of this apartment worked better with lighter tones of cream and brown with a punch of grey in it. This made the room size look bigger & spacious.

  • We merged colour palette, skilled craftsmanship and functionality together to create a simple modern apartment that was filled with practical luxury & comfort.

  • The cemented wall, Brick cladding, and Stone Cladding were in harmony to either complement or offset the use of wood throughout the apartment.

  • The Garden balcony is a Soothing place of quality time which was rendered with vertical green walls and swings looking towards the oceanic views of green.

  • The kitchen was decorated with matt finish Acrolam complimented with vinyl wood flooring.

Project Name: Apartment Interior @ Swati Crimpson at Shilaj, Ahmedabad

Architecture Firm: Shayona Consultants

Principal & Founder Architect: Ar. Prashant Parmar

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Completion Year: 2022

Carpet Area: 1850 sq.ft

Project location: Shilaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Photot Credits : @mkgandhi_studio