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"Anusmaranam - The Reminiscence", by studio TAB

Reminiscence - A story told about the past by the narrator.

"Once in a while, comes along a project where the Architect plays the role of a narrator to represent and recreate a dialogue between the past and the present. We were commissioned to the restoration of an ancestral property, which has been home to four generations. A home for the grandparents and a plethora of memories for the younger ones.

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Located between palm groves and a natural pond in the backyard, the project had within itself a strong contextual element. We desired to keep all things natural and an adaptation of the bygone eras- from exploring reclaimed natural wood to adopting the long lost method of lime finish on walls; from painting the house in colours of handmade tiles to using woven fabrics & cane as design elements.

We re-purposed the old, sometimes retained it and oft crafted new things from them. The house is a juxtaposition of the past with the present and the old with the re-imagined; all the while stitching together a beautiful language - of beautiful memories the house has seen."

Location: Aluva -Kochi

Project Area: 2500 sqft.

Architecture & interior design: @studiotabindia

Principal Architects: Rahul Das Menon & Ojas Chaudhari

Interior Contractual Team: M.M. Interiors Ltd.

Furniture: Magari

Photographer: Justin Sebastian

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