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An Opulent Home

A huge 600 land in Nashik, beautifully carved into an ultimate luxurious and a magnificent scale residence, beaming with splendid work of art, volumes and interplay of multiple spaces designed at different levels. The pomp and glory of the residence reflects the lifestyle of the occupant. Rooting into the veins of vastu shastra , the design elements provide comfortable and luxe spaces with coveted furniture, lighting and interior styling.

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The Elevation depicts loftiness in massing with laser cut jail and an entrance cladded with travertine marble and exotic teak wood gate and crema sandstone compound walls surely underlines the lavish affair of the residence. The stilt ground floor houses a huge parking, an overwhelming scarlet themed home theatre with large screen wall, merged well with acoustic materials on the floor and wall panels, the coaction of the streaks of lights create quite a drama for such a theme.

Architecture Firm : Y-Positive Design Studio @ypositivedesignstudio

Photographer : Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions

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