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An Ingenious Apartment, by Megha Lohia

Evoking a myriad of colours, the essence of the house is inspired by modernism with a balance of bright and subtle hues, meticulously amalgamated turning into a canvas for the designer Megha Lohia , Principal designer of Design 1st studio ,curated in Kolkata . Embodying the idea of contemporary for the generous abode spanning 1550 sq. ft. into three bedrooms and living spaces, the designer hardly shies away from going bold—striking the perfect poise between modernity and delicacy. Executed within a span of 4 months, the home displays a gentle and a dignified semblance fused in inventive chromes overall.

An emotive and insightful ideology of the residents gave the designer an open range to showcase the complexions in the best of her vision. The modulation of executing an eternal design, is collated by sustainable furniture and comprehensive artworks. Although challenged by the area, the specifications concocts textures against muted shades beautifully.

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Architect - @design1stbymegha

Photographer : Depictions by @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions

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