An Eternal Apartment, by Layout Design Studio

An urbane apartment sketched and conveyed in a warm environment, located in Surat, Gujarat, surely has redefined the frequency between the minimalism and modern blend of the spaces. Deeply rooted to the ethics, a fresh approach on the design selection reflects the character of the spaces in the simplest and minimalist format. An airy and open apartment, orderly designed to function smoothly is finished as neat as a pin. A balanced palette of colours and textures, is this home designed and executed by Id. Keval Dobariya , Principal Designer at Layout Design Studio emphasising the nuances of minimal sophistication⁠.

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The spread of 1,450 sq. ft apartment, is a mono toned palette juxtaposed with vibrant artworks set against a backdrop of marble, wood veneer and tiles.⁠ illustrating a sumptuous blend of neutral tones, tailored furniture and hints of pastels, this eternal home is a coalescence of tranquillity and modern decor⁠.

Opening the doors to a home where every wall, surface and corner has a story of its own⁠. The valsadi wood entrance door with fluted glass sprawls towards the living room. It has a homogenous ambience, bringing monochromatic simplicity to life. Ingeniously fusing all the activities within the space, the dining and a 20 inch prayer alcove is finely back light and merged in the wall design. Allowing fluidity and expressing the vocabulary of open layout, the subtle palette is highlighted through tailored art works resting on lime coated wall.

The furniture is well defined with clean fabrics crafted on site in wood veneer. A seamless grey textured tile and black back painted television unit captures the attention in the living space. The area is well balanced with the overall earnest environment generated with large sheer curtains drawing ample of natural light reducing the power consumption.

Showcasing the essence of an organic setting, a customised cane and wood swing is made a part of the living room. Ad joint with the dining of four, which is a perfect blend of form and function is, an alcove of Australian marble and wood for the deity. The crisp marble top for the dining is pacified with the wooden and grey fabricated chairs. The mono chromatic theme is stretched into the kitchen approving of back painted grey tiles and polished shelves with wooden boundaries.

Warmly welcoming one into the Zen setting of the guest room, the space is narrated on the notes inspired by nature, reflecting the atmosphere. Exquisite surroundings are achieved with the bare minimum of arched niche, the bed resides exactly behind the prayer alcove. The wooden backdrop with blue upholstery allows the space to flow with the glossary of earthen elements.

The master bedroom is an ultimate retreat, a bright and a young space. The room is splurged into soft ash theme and features grey marble with wooden checks as a headboard. Dipping into the personalities and projecting the soft toned upholstery, this amalgamation of marble with wood surely adds the sense of belongingness. Unravelled and continued by the material lexicon, the wooden wardrobes showcases unique details of fluted glass sandwiched between the wooden frames. An adjoin balcony, provides expanse to the bedroom allowing breeze and light to fill the room.

The children bedroom is basked in gracious earthen tones on furnishings and colour palette, a space where one can unwind from rustic to refine. The vibrancy of the space accelerates the energy towards enthusiasm for the children. Terracotta colour and abstract wall art rests on a textured lime coated backdrop that compliments the bed fabrics as well. A great mixture of modern execution of traditional elements is mollified with wooden head board. The classic design imprints a homogenous visuals depicting shades of the earth. The soft sheer curtains draws the daylight and expanses the volume of the bedroom.

A fresh and sophisticated home coupled along earthen elements, unlocks an apartment breathing fresh breeze and soaked in daylight. This interesting alliance of contemporary ideas resting on a single floor plate of minimal incorporation is definitely an eternal design practise by Layout Design Studio.

Architecture Firm : Layout Design Studio @layoutdesign_3313 ,


Photographer : Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala @prachikhasgiwala

Styling : @upliftingdepictions