An Apartment By Essajees Atelier in Mumbai

Location - The Park, By Lodha

When we saw this home for the first time it looked exactly like any other builder finished apartment.

While it was a three-bedroom house all of the rooms seemed extremely small and extremely cramped. We were wondering what we could do to make sure that this house looked completely individual and unique to all of the other hundreds of apartments that were there in the same complex.

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Our client is the owner of Bharat tiles, and we wanted to find a way to include his beautiful tiles in the design of the space. For the living room area, we used terrazzo with brass accents in the flooring. For the daughter's bedroom, we used colorful hexagon flooring with a floating bed from the ceiling. For the son's bedroom, we use accents of grey red and white which are all of his favorite colors.

For the master bedroom, we used a custom-made did as a headboard which we pasted onto the wall and which was made especially for this project in black and white terrazzo with a wood flooring. While the apartment is extremely small we would like to think that we have made it look spacious bright colorful and have a lot of elements of fun within the space.

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