A sophisticated, comfy home, by The 7th corner interior studio

Through colour you can create a design that has a visual impact on human mood and feelings in particular space! While designing we have used neutral colour tones like Gray, pale pink and beige for the bedroom which create a relaxing and restful space, on the other side warm colours representing luxury , comfort and invigorating brightness to the room.

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Moulding behind the sofa with the combination of abstract wall art and wall washer light adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the visual appeal of the space! Inside the glamorous living room, velvet tufted sofa, statement artwork, marble surface and metallic fittings give a look reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and take inspiration from Classy design style.

In dining space, a customized marble top table is definitely one of the highlights, which is mounted on golden metallic legs, the wall behind the dining area is mirrored adding another luxurious looking element and at the same time, expanding the view of space!

Kitchen with white marble top and blue colour under counter storage with customized metallic handles, along with marble looking dado backsplash give timeless look and also give the space sophisticated style without being fussy.

The simple addition of wallpaper can be the one thing that takes your bedroom from average to extraordinary. Pastel Pink is New Neutral as it's alluring and pleasing to the eye. Tufted headboard in pink colour against the accent wall along with pendant light of the bedroom, make it look inviting and stylish.

This Master bedroom should not only exude elegance but create an opulence ambiance, Grey upholstered bed against molding on wall with, and metallic wall washer and art work just steal the show! Metallic handles of side table matches with the Custom made wardrobe concealed golden handle, overall this bedroom look extravagant, elegant and yet comfortable.

Designed by - @the7thcornerinterior

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