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A contemporary home detailed with timeless classical features –this Kolkata residence by Beyond Designs is an ode to the harmony of styles and genres in design.

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The first and second floors of the two-storey home were decorated by Beyond Designs to impart a new look as wished by the clients.

On the first floor, the long corridor, an L-shaped bar area, parents’ room, daughter’s room, and her study room were designed from scratch, while on the second floor, the master bedroom was redone.

In typical Beyond Designs fashion, a plethora of patterns, textures, and colors are married together in a grand alliance resulting in stunning interiors. The meticulous layering of materials and details leads to rich environments replete with a unique character and an invigorating vibe.

Every piece of furniture is treated as if it were a canvas or an artwork by embellishing it with details and accents. And everywhere we see a fusion of the contemporary and classic.

The long corridor is decorated in two phases – closer to the entrance, a signature console with upholstered vintage chairs on either side, a photo gallery sandwiched by wall scones; and an exquisitely faceted console with table lamps in brass, a large, heavy-framed mirror on the wall, towards the bar area.

In the bar area, a streamlined sofa is paired with another with grand contours, the sofa seat is upholstered in two different materials – plane velvet on the inside and gorgeous printed fabric on the outside. Rich materials are balanced with natural ones. Modern artwork is coupled with folklore paintings embellished with elaborate frames and artwork on canvas with wooden frames in antique gold polish, distressed mirrors, and antique brass rivets. Neutral painted walls contrast with wood panelings on the other side. The wall paneling in black around the bar counter with an inlaid stone top presents a striking statement with golden accents.

In the adjoining bedroom belonging to the parents, gorgeous leather paneling and fabric cladding on adjacent walls form a luxurious background. The curved headboard is covered in velvet upholstery fitted with rivets adding a classical touch. The antique gold finish of the bedside scones, golden touches on the night tables, the round-top side table, and the floor lamp by the corner armchair further add an opulent air.

The daughter's room is done up in an elegant shade of blue with galleries of pretty framed photographs. A mirror-clad four-post bed touched up with gold polish and a headboard in a shimmery white fabric create a luminous space. A carved wooden sofa upholstered in paisley fabric, night tables, a TV unit in white complete the rest of the furniture.

The daughter’s study room is a vibrant space with a wall unit in wood covered in a bright printed fabric and antique brass rivets on the shutters. The study table in wood with brass elements is finished in black matt PU. The chairs in wood with wicker mesh at the back feature an upholstered seat in rust orange velvet fabric. The hanging light is outsourced.

An intricate, antique-inspired chandelier in a corner lights up a gorgeous powder room done up in red and natural stone with heavy framed mirrors covering the vanity.

A four-post bed finished in antique gold lends a regal touch to the master bedroom, even as wicker mesh paneling with matt PU finishing white on the walls keeps the background natural. The bedside tables in red with decorative knobs offer a perfect contrast. Grand chandeliers in MS with black matt powder coating and crystal hangings on either side further accentuate the symmetry of the room.

The wall opposite is decorated with exclusive artworks with wooden frames and a distressed mirror. The window corner forms a cozy seating area ­– wall scones in cast brass with white linen shade, antique wooden artwork mounted on a frame with brass borders, table lamp in glass with antique brass lamp shade – each accessory lends its quiet presence to the space.

A walk through these spaces is like experiencing an elegant contemporary palace brimming with design details.

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