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A classy 3BHK home by Aangan Architecture Studios

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We turned our yet another site into a home in Indore. The most awaited day

of handing over the site, getting it photographed and seeing the smiles on

our client’s face finally arrived for this one too and we are very excited to

share the details with everyone. It was a wonderful ride with the clients

being so co-operative and encouraging our work throughout.

The main idea was to provide this family of 5 with a very simplistic yet very

luxurious house which certainly feels like home. We aimed at having subtle

tones continued throughout and only highlighting certain spaces through an

aesthetic color introduction, in the abundant sunlight that floods in through

the large windows throughout the day.

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Most of the furnitures in the common areas had to be reused as requested

by our clients, due to their personal attachment with the items. We gave a second life to their old dining table, bar unit, a dining console and their L-shaped sofa and this was more of a challenge for us because we had to fit them in our theme of the house. We catered to that by upholstering the sofas, using PU paint on dining table and redecorating it with Italian marble top and doing some minor changes to the console which helped us to keep the theme intact and perfectly juxtapose with the desired outcome of the house. Our favorite part was painting the legs of the dining table with a sage green color to highlight the simplicity of the overall subtle theme of the house.

Project name: 3BHK Interior Design

Project type: Residential interior project

Location: Grande Exotica, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Carpet Area: 1700sq.ft.

Year completed in: January, 2022

Firm name: Aangan Architecture Studios

Principal Architects: Ar. Ayushi Chaturvedi & Ar. Megha Dumasya @aanganarch

Photographs by: Mr. Dhawal Bumb @ruuhchitra

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