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A Bangalore Residence Furnished By Dash Square

The elegant and inviting Bangalore home of Pavan Chatlani, Managing Partner, Dash Square, is a true showcase for the international brands he represents.

The serene spaces are done up predominantly in a neutral palette, with rich wood tones adding warmth and luxury. Gorgeously veined marble flooring sets an opulent stage for furniture from Ashley Furniture India and Natuzzi Editions. ( Click on '>' to view all the images and double click on the image to enlarge it. This may take some time to load )

The light-filled entrance foyer done up in white offers a cheerful welcome with a bright yellow accent chair positioned right in the front, while a seated Buddha statue and pendant lights create a peaceful scene. A wooden patterned screen partially separates the living room from the entrance foyer. Furnished with sofas and accent chairs from Dash Square, the living room impresses with minimalism. The glossy wood finishes of the TV cabinets and ceiling details add richness and depth to the environment. A small mandir with a glass door is a graceful addition to the living room.

Towards the other end, the living room extends into a chic patio bar. Wooden decking lends it a stylish informal air. The patio bar opens into the dining room on the right. A wall panel made of linear wooden rafts creates an elegant backdrop to the stone-topped dining table with intimate, upholstered chairs. A decorative ceiling, along with the charming accent light, holds the dining space together.

A 3D wooden wall paneling creates a dynamic backdrop to the bed in the master bedroom with a lounge space toward the balcony. The wooden flooring complements the paneling, resulting in a naturally warm space. The other two bedrooms too are done up in simple lines with bed back paneling, choicest accessories, artworks, and pendant lights in the corner.

While the owners put their ideas together in doing up the space, the simple, yet remarkable aesthetics reveal a professional mind at work. It only goes to show that when you find the right kind of expression for your refined sensibilities through the various elements of design, and you shower attention to detail at every step, you can achieve a beautiful and harmonious space without much effort.

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